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I am fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds of amazing founders over the years. Some have been kind enough to write some very nice things about the value I have brought to them (the first one I found so overwhelming to receive):

"Work with Duncan to learn from someone who has been there and done it. And has supported 100s of companies across a variety of sectors and stages to overcome the challenges of scaling a business.


He’s humble to share his own experiences so you can learn from someone who’s been there before you and direct to give you clear steps to help your journey of making the decisions that feel right for you & your business.


Duncan works with a selected number of companies where he and the mentee have a shared understanding that mentoring isn’t about giving the answers but helping guide the way.


Working with Duncan allows you the benefit of being able to see your business from a higher perspective than what you see when you’re in the day job and he can help you avoid challenges that he’s worked with other CEOs on addressing so you don’t have to.


Duncan’s secret sauce is he knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and will help you prioritise the plates you're spinning so you can focus on the bigger picture of success." - Founder of UK a services business, selling into enterprise customers.

"As an early-stage CEO, working with Duncan has allowed me to bounce off of someone who has been there and done that - someone who offers honest and candid feedback when needed, and knows the difference between coaching and advising. Would highly recommend working with Duncan!" - Founder of a UK FinTech firm, solving problems for tier 1 banks.

"Duncan was very precise and helpful to focus on what are the most important areas now and what can be done later." - Founder of a Latam EdTech company, solving problems for government, schools and parents.
"Duncan helped me realise the importance of going back to do more market research and getting to grips with the data in order to use it to better target/or better define my target audience. Once again, go back to my ‘why’ – back to the root of it all in order to define how I can grow as a business." - Founder of a Malaysian HealthTech company, solving problems for hospitals.

"I felt Duncan’s advice was so valuable based on his clear experience as a business owner of many years. He really understood where I was at and the areas that I should be addressing in order to be able to scale. I would value more time with Duncan in the future." - Founder of UK telco, solving problems for government, defence and infrastructure.
"Change of strategy advice given. A good chance to hear the feedback on what I have done so far. Helpful information on the way forward." - Founder of Dubai investment management platform, solving problems for Family Offices and HNWIs.

You can reach me below and via LinkedIn HERE.

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