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Sales Strategy Questions to ask in the New World

We’re living a strange and uncertain new world, which for some has slowed down their growth, whilst for those in the right sectors (health, edtech, communications etc.), is proving to be beneficial. I’ve been asked by a number of folks what they should focus on right now and of course it depends on which group you fit into.

If you are early stage then there are a number of questions I would ask myself. Use this time to refine and formulate your sales strategies given the changes to how people will be interacting, learning of new products, buying, supporting etc.

Keep talking with your prospects or ideal customer type; don’t be afraid that they’re too busy; be persistent! The world is still turning and many industries are getting used to working from home.

What do you need to think about?

When was the last time you reviewed your Business Model Canvas; has it changed? And do you need to re-think parts of it given the recent changes to the ways of working?

Have you spent enough time thinking about your ‘new’ customer journey? Can you do this now?

Do you know everything you need to know about your ‘new' ideal customer type? If your audience has gone quiet, then you will have to test new ways to reach them now (you could learn which direction to head), or to use when things either get back to a new normal.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to reach out and do surveys or f2f video interviews?

Do your value propositions still ring true? Do you need to change them; work on your positioning and messaging?

How are you going to communicate to your audience remotely? What can you learn from others trying to reach the same audiences?

Do you now need to think more about partners as a route to market? Will others have more reach than you thought you needed before?

Be sure to think like your audience or customer voice as some like to say. How are they feeling right now? Confused, unsure their jobs will still be there? How are you going to change their world right now? You might be a lot less relevant than you used to be, therefore will have to re-think your offerings and their true value to the market.

I hope these questions will help you move forward with your business strategy given there are so many unknowns right now.

Do reach out if I can help you with any questions relating to your growth and investment strategy.


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