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Health Tech innovators conference 21st June 2016

Yesterday, I attended an event at City Hall, London, organised by Tech London Advocates.

Here are the things I found most interesting:

Did you know that it takes 17 years on average for innovation to be taken on at scale within the NHS? However, they are trying to change this now.

Historically many innovations fail to prove their benefit well enough. They need a lot longer than the short sighted, mandatory <12 months payback time required by NHS CFO's.

Who does your innovation effect? Go find them and make friends so they can help bring your into their NHS Trust and grow from there.

The smart products sector will be worth £20b by 2020. Do you have a passion for smart? Do you have a passion for making a difference in the health sector? Get in there and shake it up!

There are some great people working hard to help people in the health technology space in London. Notably:

Be careful what you wish for. Grants take a lot of time and resources to win, and then you have a lot of governance tasks to manage.

Apps need to have consistent standards for how patient data is used. NHS England is working to implement standards, so make sure your apps have the architecture to deal with them.

Interestingly NHS England does not see older folks from being a barrier to using technology. If you build it and it's good, then they will learn.

I met heaps of interesting people pimping their wares and hope to hear how they grow.

That's the news!

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