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Play to your strengths

When you start a business it's all hands on deck. There’s the planning, research, building, testing, selling and more! And the someone that often has to do all that stuff, is the person at the top of the tree. I have been in this sole position with my first company and shared that responsibility with the second.

The trouble with being so involved is that you can miss the things that are critical for the success of the business. You do have to start somewhere, but as soon as possible you have to find others. Are you able to outsource the areas that are not revenue generating, or those that you simply do not have the ideal level of experience to do well?

If you're riding solo What are your strengths? Do you know? Another important point - what do you actually enjoy doing? Being effective often goes hand in hand in what you are good at. Can you off load the non-fun things to focus your energy elsewhere?

You might need to take some time out to review your plan and ensure its viable in the time frame you originally laid out, with the resources you have.

Create an org chart to map out which roles you will need to grow and when you need them filled. Start talking to people straight away (and forevermore) to ensure you have people in mind when you come to need them.

If you're already on the journey Review your resources to ensure that you have the right people on the bus (to coin a phrase), and ensure that they are in the right seats (thank you again Jim Collins).

Map out everyone who is working with you, or which roles you need to be filled (permanent or contractor).

Look at the existing people and be brutally honest as to their skill sets matching your requirements. If they do not have the right skills but have the right values, then can you train them? Or do they need to move to another seat? Or do you need to help them find another job?

Whatever stage you're at, you need to be sure you're using your time wisely by only working to your strengths. Don't get stuck in the rut of doing a bad job of something you don't have the time to do or skills to support.

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